"1822 Jail Building"

January special Term 1822 holden by adjoun. last day of April 1822

State of Maine
Oxford fs. At a special Court of Sessions begun and holden at Paris within and for the County of Oxford…..

The Court here proposes to build and erect a stone prison for said County of Oxford on the site of the old prison in Paris in said County of Oxford (which site is to be prepared by said County) of the following description to wit: the length of said Prison to be thirty three feet + the width of the same to be twenty one feet and two stories high; the outside walls of the lower story to be two feet thick, to be built with a single tier of stones two feet wide & the inside walls also with a single tier of stones eighteen inches wide

…..The outside walls of the upper story to be eighteen inches thick of one entire tier of stones of twelve inches in width…. the windows to have four lights each of glass seven by nine inches & strongly and sufficiently grated with iron bars….All doors of said prison are to be secured by large strong suitable & sufficient locks.