"Stipulations in original deed"

excerpts from transcription of Quit claim Deed detailing Dr. Augustus Hamlin's wishes for and arrangements with Paris Hill Library Association, September 10, 1902; complete copy of deed on file at Hamlin Memorial; original on file at Oxford County Court House, South Paris, ME.

Quit claim Deed

Know all Men by these Presents, That I, Augustus C. Hamlin, of the City of Bangor, County of Penobscot, and State of Maine, trustee named in a certain deed from Emeline Cummings and others to me in trust for the Ladies' Association of Paris Hill, in consideration of one dollar to me paid and the further performance of the conditions hereinafter named in this deed by the grantee or its successors and assigns hereinafter named, to wit: - The Paris Hill Library Association, a corporation duly created and established under the laws of the State of Maine, and located at Paris in the County of Oxford in the said State of Maine, and being in fact the said Ladies' Association…..a certain piece or parcel of land, with the building thereon, situated in the Village of Paris Hill, in the town of Paris aforesaid, and being the same premises formerly occupied by the said County of Oxford as a jail and jail-yard, on Court Street, so called, said lot being now bounded by the fence surrounding said jail and the land connecting said lot with said Court Street.

….This deed is delivered and accepted upon the following conditions and restrictions:

First: The buildings and the lot on which same stands shall be known and called HAMLIN

Second: Said building shall be used as a museum for the minerals of Oxford County and

Third: As a library for the use of Paris Hill people and friends;

Fourth: A receptacle and depository of relics of the Hamlin family and distinguished people of Paris;

Fifth: The minerals, gems and memorials excepting…such exhibits as may be there on loan, are to remain in said building on exhibition and are not to be removed except under
extraordinary circumstances and under bonds for safe return…

Sixth: Said grantee is to maintain and keep said building in good and sufficient repairs and amendment…